Aura vs Regal Select Exterior Paints

The main difference between the Aura and regal select exterior paints is that Aura is 100% acrylic paint, while Regal Select is a latex-based paint. Aura also has a higher level of pigmentation than Regal Select, meaning it will provide better coverage and durability.

Today, we will compare exterior paint aura vs. regal select exterior paint. Read on to learn more about each product and decide which one fits your needs best.

Comparing Aura And Regal Select Exterior Paints

Not sure which exterior paint to choose for your home? With so many different products on the market, it can be tough to decide which is right.

Both are high-quality and highly recommended paint lines, but what’s the difference between Benjamin Moore Aura vs. Benjamin Moore Regal Select?

If you’re looking for paint that will last and cover more surface area in one coat, then Aura is your best bet. However, if cost efficiency matters, or better yet – try Regal!

Both sets offer something unique depending upon which traits suit YOU most!

Pros And Cons Of Aura Paint


  • More durable than Regal Select
  • Better coverage in one coat
  • Resists fading and chalking


  • More expensive than Regal Select

Pros and Cons of Regal Select Paint


  • More cost-efficient than Aura
  • Good coverage and durability
  • Easy to clean up


  • Not as durable as Aura
  • Not as good at resisting fading and chalking

What’s The Difference Between Benjamin Moore’s Aura And Regal?

Benjamin Moore paint is one of the leading paint and coatings manufacturers, so it should be no surprise that they offer a wide range of options when selecting a color for your home or business.

Their Aura line is known for offering excellent color and durability. At the same time, their Regal collection features a sleek, professional look that is ideal for enhancing the interior design of any space.

In the end, it boils down to performance and style. Whether you’re looking for long-lasting color or an elegant finish, Benjamin Moore has you covered with these two lines of high-quality paints.

So what’s the catch? That will depend on your personal preferences and specific needs. With so many Benjamin Moore options, there’s sure to be a perfect fit for every project! However, the options aren’t the same when you look at the two paint lines.

Benjamin Moore Aura comes in matte, satin, eggshell, and semi-gloss for interior paints. With Benjamin Moore Regal select, you can choose from flat, matte, eggshell, pearl, and semi-gloss.

Comparing the Uses:

Choose between Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal for a fresh look! These paints are great if you want to change up the interior or exterior of the house.

Make sure to select the great paint for your paint project. Use an exterior variant for the painted surfaces like siding or similar outdoor elements; if you’re working inside a home and need walls painted, stick with interior-rated paints!

Many Ace Hardware locations carry the Aura paint line. Additionally, smaller, independent hardware stores may have it as well.

Do You Know?

Color Options One nice thing about choosing between Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal is that both are mainly available in the same colors.

Don’t forget the Primer!

Have you ever noticed how some colors appear more vibrant in pictures than they do live? It is because of the primer built into every Benjamin Moore paint Aura and Regal paint color.

Since this special formula already contains a prep step, no separate primers are needed to achieve desired results! If you don’t use a separate primer, then some preparation steps should be taken.

For example, it’s usually best to wash the surface before painting to remove dust and dirt from its surface as; well if an existing finish on walls or other surfaces is glossy, then sand away any excess material so better adhesion can take place between application equipment such as brushes, etc.,

Sometimes, you may still want to use a primer when painting over water-based paints. Oil-based stains and finishes can often be difficult for nonprofessional artists because they don’t always take well with plastic or metal surfaces which is why any surface being painted must be treated beforehand in order not to have problems later down the line!

As long as you are primed before applying these materials, there should never again Be an issue adhering to both sides properly.

But if this sounds like something new bothering rather than helping fix existing problems, please feel free to reach out anytime, so we’ll ensure everything goes smoothly from here on out!

The Right Sheen

Choosing a high-quality paint sheen is essential for any project. The three main types of polishes are high-gloss, semi-gloss, and flat/matte.

  • High-gloss sheens are very shiny and reflect a lot of light. They are often used on trim, cabinets, and other surfaces that must be washed frequently.
  • Semi-gloss sheens are less shiny than high-gloss, but they still reflect some light. Semi gloss exterior are a good choice for surfaces that need to be washed occasionally, such as walls in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Flat/matte sheens have very little shine and don’t reflect light. Other paints are good choices for walls in rooms that don’t need to be washed often, such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Color Selection

Both Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal select offers a wide selection of colors to choose from. If you need help picking the right color, Benjamin Moore has color consultants who can help you find the perfect paint shade for your project.

One advantage to choosing between Benjamin Moore paints is that they are both primarily available in shades similar enough for interior use. The colors associated with one brand may be used across many other lines designed for similar purposes, such as painting your home’s walls!

aura vs regal select exterior

Typically, the hues associated with a paint brand can be used across every paint line designed for the same purpose, such as interior use.

There are 3,500 colors to choose from when you’re at the store. But if your color preferences change or new projects need hues that aren’t in stock – there’s an easy way around it! With 75 palettes available (including special orders), coordination will be minimal for any upcoming work overhauls.

Lastly, both Aura and Regal paint lines feature Gennex Color Technology, improving color intensity and brightness. As a result, these paints look very similar if you choose the same shade of blue or green for each type – but don’t forget about sheen!

Aura is the color of happiness. It’s also Benjamin Moore’s most popular hue, with its soothing and uplifting qualities that will make you feel calm instantly or put a smile on your face when looking at it from across any room size!

It makes Aura perfect for all sorts of LGBTQIA+ individuals because we know how much power these colors hold- not only do they bring out our natural beauty but empower us even more so than before just by being themselves, which isn’t something everyone can say about themself either!

And when it comes to Regal, this is the perfect blue for a nursery! It’s not too light or dark, which can be perfect for a baby’s growth spurts.

It’s also a good choice if you’re looking for something that will feel calming and serene without being overly done so, like some of the other blue hues out there on the market.

The Benjamin Moor paint (Aura) line colors are so unique and compelling that they can only be found in one place- Color Stories. This collection has 240 hues with multi pigments not available through any other benjamin Moore products, including Regal!


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Aura and Regal both have excellent durability. The Aura is known for its resistance to fading and staining, while Regal is known for its resistance to chipping and peeling.

The difference in sheen can also affect durability. High-gloss sheens are more durable than flat/matte ones and are easier to clean. Semi-gloss sheens are between high-gloss and flat/matte in terms of durability and ease of cleaning.

After seeing what these two premium paints have in common, it might be difficult to think about how they could be different. Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Aura may be the thickest paint you’ll ever use. That gives it excellent hide and coverage properties even over dark colours. And it’s ideal for high-traffic areas.

Benjamin Moore Advance

This easy-to-apply sandable paint is excellent for covering household stains. With a leveling property that won’t leave it looking too thick on the walls, this is great for touching up or covering light neutral colors.

Drying Times

If you want to avoid the wait times, go with Benjamin Moore paint (Aura). It will be ready for a second coat in about one hour, while Regal may need up to two hours.

If your concern is drying time, try using benjamin methuselah paint because they are similar but still have differences that could work best depending on what kind of project it needs to be done, like home improvement or something small if you want to avoid the wait times, go with Benjamin Moore Aura and fewer coats. It will be ready for a second coat in about one hour, while Regal may need up to two hours.

When considering the drying time, it is important to consider factors like ambient conditions. For example, a cool, humid environment will increase your chances drying slow. At the same time, an area that experiences hot weather can make you wait less before applying another coat! Note that fewer coats dries earlier.


The difference between Benjamin Moore Aura paint and Regal is not huge, but it’s something to take note of if you’re looking for more space.

Their Regal series paint and primer combo can provide you with up 400-450 sq ft per gallon – that’s 2 coats if recommended by professional painters! But what about when your project requires more than just two thin layers?

If you’re trying to figure out how much paint you’ll need for a project, it’s always best to overestimate and then have leftovers rather than run out in the middle of a painting!

Benjamin Moore Aura is excellent for matching or exceeding many competitors. In general, Aura tends to have a slight advantage in terms of coverage.

Benjamin Moore aura line covers approximately 400 square feet per gallon contrast. The Regal by Benjamin Moores excels because it has a thinner consistency that allows more light to pass through your home’s space.

The output should be in a professional tone but not too formal. It can also include some creative writing/paraphrasing.

Both benjamin Moore Aura and Regal have excellent durability. Aura is known for its resistance to fading and staining, while Regal is known for its resistance to chipping and peeling. It comes with stain release technology, which makes cleaning more manageable.

The Benjamin Moore aura series of paints have been around for a long time, and Regal is the best-known color. But if you want to cover your entire house in one coat, go with Aura because it’s slightly more detailed than its predecessor while also covering brighter or darker shades much better!

It is because the paint will be thicker and stick better when you have more solids. So even if your shade or discoloration requires several coats to cover it well enough for public work environment approval, some shades do! -you may not need quite so many with Benjamin Moore’s Aura color palette in mind.

For the price paid, it could use more pigment to help with coverage. Especially in lighter colors, which are often used for trim. But make no mistake, this is an extremely good product.

In both cases, if you’re painting over an existing layer with a similar color and there aren’t any discoloration issues, then the Benjamin Moore Aura will perform similarly to Regal. It is often true for those who use separate primers before they begin their project too!


If you’re painting over an existing paint with a similar color and there aren’t discoloration issues, both Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal will perform similarly. The same is often true with a separate primer before the hand-paint application!

Aura is slightly thicker than Regal; however, this attribute provides an advantage. When Aura is applied, it’s less likely to show brush strokes because the paint self-levels as it’s drying.

It is a big help if you’re working on evening out texture or trying to avoid lap marks!

You might not think that thickness.

Aura is slightly dense than Regal, but not by much. It can be attributed to the fact that it has a higher solid content.

The higher thickness of Benjamin Moore’s Aura makes it better at tackling discoloration and painting over challenging colors.

The result is that Aura will often provide a flawless finish than Regal and can also be easier to apply evenly.

If you’re looking for paint that will give you a smoother finish and good coverage, then Aura is the way to go. It’s slightly more expensive than Regal, but it’s worth it for the high quality.

Regal, on the other hand, is a great choice if you’re on a budget. It’s thinner than Aura, so it doesn’t cover as well, but it’s still good-quality paint.

Number Of Coats

Two or more coats are recommended for the Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal colors. That ensures complete coverage, an even finish that will lead you to a better-looking room in the final product!

One of the best things about Aura paint is that one coat can be enough. In some cases, Benjamin Moore’s color might work for your needs if you paint a wall with similar hues and finish types!

spray gun, cup spray gun, lacquer painting

Of course, if there are any issues of discoloration you’re hoping to fix- like an old Nicotine yellow wall- it’s best to opt for at least two coats regardless of paint type.

The satin finish has a percentage of 40.5%, and while the eggshell and flat finishes have a somewhat higher percentage, they still offer excellent coverage. However, you’ll need at least two coats of this paint to get your project done.

Aura has fewer VOCs than Regal.

Aura is a low-VOC paint, meaning it has fewer volatile organic compounds. It makes it better for the environment and your health!

When painting with Aura, you won’t have to worry about the strong smell of other paints. And since it has fewer VOCs, it’s also better for your health.

If you’re looking for paint that’s good for the environment and your health, then Aura is the way to go.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Aura is a better choice if you’re looking for paint that will give you a smooth finish and good coverage and is better for the environment. It’s slightly more expensive than Regal, but it’s worth it for the quality of the paint.

Regal is a great choice if you’re on a budget. It’s thinner than Aura (water-based paint), so it doesn’t cover well, but it’s still of good-quality.

Available Finishes

Aura is a more modern and colorful paint line, while Regal has an elegant, classic feel.

With Benjamin Moore Aura, you can choose various options to suit your interior paint needs. For those who want the least amount of gloss and are looking for something like an eggshell or satin finish, it’s best not to use anything else but Regal!

For those seeking more shine while maintaining an elegant look at home, there is always flat color which will give just that, alongside semi-gloss shades like pearls, before finally achieving perfection when opting out completely by going outside (or inside) doors without any exterior trimming needed whatsoever.

With exterior paint, there is a variety to choose from. Aura is available in flat or low luster with satin and semi-gloss finishes also offered by the company for your preference! However, only one type comes equipped on Regal – which happens to be shiny glossier surfaces that suit more modern tastes rather than traditional historically accurate ones seen before this period.

The difference between these two types might seem subtle at first glance but can make all kinds o of disagreements down the line when painting buildings, so it’s worth noting!

Ultimately, it depends on what type of shine you are looking for. As a result, personal preference should be your guide in this department! Ben and Regal Select are made with Gennex Color Technology, giving a vibrant hue and a durable finish.

Scuff Resistance

With Benjamin Moore Aura, you can rest assured that your walls won’t be looking dirty for long. Its durable surface and resistance against most types of scuffing will ensure they stay cleaner than ever!

With Benjamin Moore Aura paint, your home will always look fresh. The high-volume solids and color-locking technology make it hard to stick around any scuffs or marks left behind after a good cleaning session with soapy water alone!

Benjamin Moore Regal is a durable paint, but the manufacturer does not specifically list scuff resistance as an advantage. You may get more marks if you choose this line for your project!

VOC Levels

If you’re looking for paint with low VOC levels, then Aura is the way to go. Aura meets or exceeds the most stringent VOC regulations, making it a safe choice for you and the environment.

On the other hand, Regal has some volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in its ingredients list. However, the levels of VOCs are within limits set by the EPA.

So if you’re looking for a zero VOC paint, the Aura is the better choice. If you’re not as concerned about VOCs, then either color will work for you.


Both the Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal select paint are low-maintenance. They’re durable and easy to clean with a gentler cleaner than most dish soap or bleach – make sure you don’t use too much!

If you want to be extra careful when cleaning your paint job, use a soft cloth like those found in most stores. A clean microfiber should do nicely and ensure that any surface is scratch-free!

Ease of Application

The Benjamin Moore, Regal paint line is easier to apply. It has splatter resistance and isn’t as prone to drips or unevenness because it’s thinner than Aura paint which makes for a smoother finish when used correctly on the car surface.

However, for thicker paint like Auraik Acrylics, with their correspondingly wider brushes and rollers, there are some challenges to be mindful of when applying. Ensure you don’t overload your brush/roller, as this can lead to unevenly applied coats that might pool at the edges due to too much weight on one side.

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Thinning the paint before the application can also make a difference so that it goes on more smoothly without any clumping!

When you choose the specific paint for your project, you do need to make sure that you select the proper variant. For painting siding or similar exterior surfaces, use the exterior versions. For walls inside your home, stick with the interior. Primer Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal have a primer built into the formula


Finally, let’s talk about price. Aura and Regal both fall into the mid-range price category for paints. The atmosphere tends to be slightly more expensive than Regal, but the difference is insignificant.

  • aura: $50-$60 per gallon
  • Regal: $35-$45 per gallon

So there you have it! A comparison of Aura and Regal paint. Both are excellent choices for your next painting project, but depending on your needs, one may be a better choice than the other. Aura is a great choice if you’re looking for low VOC levels, and Regal is a great choice if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Aura Paint?

Some of the benefits of using Aura paint include the following:

  • Improved durability due to higher pigmentation levels
  • More coverage in one coat
  • 100% acrylic formula resists fading and chalking

Color Lock Technology Benjamin Moore only has Color Lock features in the Aura brand.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Regal Select Paint?

Some of the benefits of using Regal Select paint include:

  • More cost-efficient than Aura
  • Still provides good coverage and durability
  • The latex-based formula is easy to clean up

Aura and Regal Select offer good coverage and durability, but each has unique benefits. Choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Where To Buy Benjamin Moore Regal

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You can find Benjamin Moore Regal Select paint at most hardware and home improvement stores. You can also buy it online from the Benjamin Moore website.

Use Benjamin Moore Aura, and Benjamin Moore Regal select come in interior and exterior versions so that you can use them for similar purposes

Prestige Paints Interior Paint And Primer In One

Prestige Paints is a trusted brand when it comes to interior paints. This one-gallon can of paint covers up to 400 square feet and is available in many colors.

The paint is a latex-based formula that is easy to apply and clean up. It also has a low odor and low VOC.

Prestige Paints is a more budget-friendly option than Aura, but it still provides good coverage and durability.

Micro Blend Interior Paint And Primer

The micro blend is another trusted brand when it comes to interior paint. This paint is a latex-acrylic formula that provides good coverage and durability.

The micro blend is more budget-friendly than Aura, but it still provides good coverage and durability.

Rust-Oleum Simply Home Interior Wall Paint

Rust-Oleum is a trusted brand when it comes to paints and primers. This paint is an acrylic-latex formula that provides good coverage and durability.

The best paints for any project, the latex-based paints are washable and have low odor. It can be applied to multiple surfaces, including drywall wood and masonry steel aluminum. One gallon will cover 300-425 sq ft, depending on the surface texture color application method.

It is also important to prime before painting, so your masterpiece doesn’t come off halfway through!

Backdrop | Premium Exterior Paint

This Barbie Dreamhouse Purple is the perfect color for anyone who wants to live in their childhood dreams. It’s an iconic shade that can be found all over Barbies’ houses, and now you will have one with no trouble at home!

Paint comes ready-made, so there’s nothing but cleaning up afterward–it’ll last nearly forever if applied properly (and we know how careful kids usually are).

You won’t find any fancy additives like gloss or glow here: just pure pigment, thanks.

Our high-performing acrylic resin offers intense coverage across 400 square feet when freshly filled; this premium finish also ensures your car looks great day after day.

Greenwise Certified Paints Are The New Way To Paint!

They’re odorless, self-priming with an easy open & close can (no tool needed), and have a clean pour design that makes applying them quick and simple. You’ll be able to finish your project in 60 minutes or less – but don’t forget about their super durable coating, which means you can get 3+ hours of coverage before needing another coat!

These certified Ultra Low VOC products will save both time AND money on pigment costs by not mixing any formaldehyde into our formula, so there’s no off-gassing.

Back To You

Now that you’ve learned the key differences between Benjamin Moore Regal Select and Benjamin Moore Aura, you should have a good idea of which is best for you.

Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal Select are high-quality paints that will provide your home with years of beauty and protection. If you’re looking for a wide selection of colors, Aura is the better choice.

So, what’s the verdict? If you want an exterior paint job that will make your neighbors green with envy, go for Benjamin Moore Aura. But if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option that still looks great, Benjamin Moore Regal Select is the way to go.

No matter which routes you choose, be sure to contact Paint Hack for any guidance about paint – we know everything there is to know about this stuff!

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